• - 同“叁”[sān]
  • - (加入; 參加) join; enter; take part in:

    join the army; 參軍

    enter a war 參戰

    - (參考) refer; consult:

    see; consult; refer to; confer 參閱

    - (進見; 謁見) call to pay one's respects to:

    pay homage at the mausoleum of the martyred heroes 參謁烈士陵園

    - (封建時代指彈劾) impeach an official before the emperor:

    The official was impeached for taking a bribe. 那位官員因受賄被參。

    - (佛教用語,指探究并領會道理、意義等) penetrate (truth); reach into the realm of understanding:

    see the truth; 參破道理

    cannot penetrate (profundities) 參不破

    - (薦舉,多見早期白話) recommend person to post:

    recommended you as sergeant 參你作個教頭



  1. 他自愿參軍。
    He joined the army of his own accord.
  2. 我們說服她參加了宴會。
    We argued her into joining us.
  3. 撞船事故發生地區的所有船只都參加了搜尋幸存者的工作。
    All the ships in the vicinity of the crash joined in the search for survivors.
  4. 如果你父母同意,你可以參加這個班。
    You can join the class if you parents approve.
  5. 他感到后悔去參軍。
    He was rueful for joining the army.
  6. 一年以前,他參軍了。
    He joined the army a year ago.
  7. 他昨天參加了我們的討論。
    He joined us in the discussion yesterday.
  8. 我真的必須參加這個會議嗎?
    Is it necessary for me to attend the meeting?
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