• - (多種顏色) variegated colour:

    rosy clouds; 彩云

    of different colours; multicoloured 五彩

    - (彩色絲綢) coloured [variegated] silk; colour festoons:

    cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony; 剪彩

    decorate with lanterns and coloured ribbons 張燈結彩

    - (稱贊夸獎的歡呼聲) applause; cheer:

    acclamation; applause; 彩聲

    acclaim; cheer 喝彩

    - (花樣; 光彩; 文彩) variety; splendour; brilliance; grace in art; gracefulness:

    rich and colourful [varied]; 豐富多彩

    graceful beauty in wood grains; literary embellishment; 文彩

    - (賭博或某種游戲中給得勝者的東西) lottery prize; winnings:

    win a prize (in a lottery, etc.) 中彩

    - (舊劇中表示特殊情景時所用的技術; 魔術里所用手法) special effects in Chinese theater (symbolizing blood, fire, etc.):

    special effects symbolizing blood 血彩

    - (負傷流血) blood from a wound:

    be wounded in battle 掛彩



  1. 彩旗增加了節日的歡樂。
    Color flags added to the gaiety of the festival.
  2. 我們欣賞著秋天里新英格蘭樹林的瑰麗色彩。
    We are enjoying the resplendent colors of the New England woods in the autumn.
  3. 旗幟給街道增添了色彩。
    The banner lent color to the streets.
  4. 這幅畫的照片絕妙地再現了原作的色彩。
    The photograph of the painting reproduces the colors of the original extremely well.
  5. 我喜歡市場上繽紛的色彩。
    I love the gay colors in the market.
  6. 那頂帽子上飾有彩色珠子。
    The hat was decorated with colored beads.
  7. 你有彩色電視機嗎?
    Do you have a color TV set?
  8. 她愛市場上的生趣、喧嘩與多姿多彩。
    She loved the life, noise, and color of the market.


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