• - (草本植物的統稱) grass:

    green grass; 青草

    (medicinal) herb; 藥草

    - (指用作燃料、飼料等的稻、麥之類的莖和葉) straw:

    rice straw; 稻草

    haystack; 草堆

    - (草稿) draft:

    prepare [make out] a draft 起草

    - (草書; 漢字書寫形式的一種) rapid, cursive style of writing:

    a highly cursive script; 狂草

    a simplified form of cursive script 章草

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Cao Zhong 草中

  • - (口語中指雌性家畜、家禽) female:

    mare 草馬

    - (草率; 不細致) careless; hasty; rough:

    The handwriting is very sloppy. 字寫得很草。

    - (初步的; 非正式的) drafted; not final:

    draft (of a plan, law, etc.) 草案

  • - (起草) draft:

    draw up; draft; 草擬

    draft a document 起草文件



  1. 他在食槽里放了些草。
    He put some grass in the manger.
  2. 太陽使濕草閃閃發光。
    The wet grass sparkles in the sun.
  3. 久旱使青草枯萎。
    The long drought scorched the grass.
  4. 夏天時,山坡上長滿了花草。
    The hillside is covered by grass and flowers in summer.
  5. 清晨,草上覆蓋著一層白霜。
    The grass was covered with frost in the early morning.
  6. 這只鳥在用稻草和小樹枝筑巢。
    The bird is building a nest of straw and twigs.
  7. 草被露水打濕了。
    The grass was wet with dew.
  8. 不要踐踏草地。
    Don't trample on the grass.
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