• - (用刀、剪等把片狀物分成若干部分; 剪裁; 割裂) cut (paper, cloth, etc.) into parts:

    We cut paper and cloth with scissors. 我們用剪刀裁紙和布。

    Two suits can be cut out of this piece of material. 這塊料子可以裁兩套衣服。

    - (把不用的或多余的去掉; 削減; 消除) reduce; cut down [back]; dismiss:

    reduce [cut down] the staff 裁減人員

    - (衡量; 判斷) judge; discern; decide:

    consider and decide 裁奪

  • - (安排取舍,多用于文學藝術) mental planning:

    adopt an original approach; try to be different 別出心裁

    - (控制; 抑止) check; sanction:

    economic sanction 經濟制裁

    - (樣式; 形態) form:

    types or forms of literature; 體裁

    person's figure 身裁

  • - (整張紙分成的相等的若干份; 開) division of standard size printing paper:

    octavo 八裁



  1. 法院匆促做出的不公正裁決使這次審判形同兒戲。
    The unfair and hasty decision of the court made a mockery of the trial.
  2. 公司被迫裁員,恐怕我是其中之一(冗員)。
    The company is being forced to reduce staff and I fear I'm a likely candidate (for redundancy).
  3. 為節省開支現正逐漸裁員。
    The number of employees is being whittled down in order to reduce costs.
  4. 詳情不明,難以做出裁奪。
    Particulars are too meager to form a decision.
  5. 我這件大衣請你照這個式樣裁剪。
    Please cut out my overcoat according to this pattern.
  6. 【諺】量布裁衣;量入為出。
    Cut your coat according to your cloth.
  7. 他對那個罪犯做出了裁決。
    He passed judgement on the guilty man.


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